Welcome to my new official website!

I feel honored to introduce you to my music and to my path as a musician, and hope you can find here what you’re looking for. I am happy and proud to announce my new album "No White Shoes" is finally out now!

Here is a wonderful review by the Downbeat Magazin written by John Ephland:

“Gabriela Martina’s Swiss roots offer an incredible range as she practically yodels her way through “Narcissus” en route to her mostly originals program on No White Shoes (Self Release; 55:42 ★★★★). Her delivery is a blend of jazz with pop improvisation, and her creative, invested covers of Wayne Shorter’s “Witch Hunt” (stunningly sung as overdubbed a cappella) and Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night In Tunisia” (a flat-out rocker featuring guitarist Jussi Reijonen) uproot convention.” – Downbeat, John Ephland

Thanks to all of you!